This paper introduces the Global Synchronization Log (GSL), a component that can serve as a common foundation for distinct Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) implementations. The GSL is a natural evolution of current technologies in the face of new and evolving requirements.

The purpose of this paper is to encourage collaborative work in the Hyperledger community towards an implementation of a GSL using projects currently under the Hyperledger umbrella.Itis our beliefthatthe GSL can be a distinct component in any number of DLT solutions. Digital Asset is currently working on an implementation as a component of its Digital Asset Platform and would like to encourage other implementations in the interests of promoting compatibility across different platforms. A more technical and formal discussion will be presented in subsequent communications. We look forward to learning more about whether aspects of the forthcoming Corda release are compatible with this approach and/or would equally welcome development of the GSL as part of Hyperledger Fabric.